MadIRC is shutting down on 31.01.2024 - As of 11.02.2024 all servers have been shutdown.
So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Privacy Statement

We process the following data, for the following purposes:

  • your IP-Address - it’s used to communicate with your computer and to detect attacks and malicious actors on the internet that try to attack the IRC network. These data are only stored until you disconnect, but your IP address is also logged for debug purposes for 1 week. If you have a user account your IP-Address is also stored in your account context to allow you to audit where the last login came from.
  • (optional) your email address - When you sign up for our services to register a user account, your email address is stored in our user database. We also send you an verification email and it can be used to reset your password.
  • cookies - When you use our web client we may store session cookies in your browser. They are used to identify you during a web chat session and keep your local settings.

To see your private data you can either use the command /whois <your nickname> (replace <your nickname> with the matching value) and in case of a user account at our services, you can use /msg nickserv info to get all information the services have about you.

To delete your account and all connected private information you can use the command /msg nickserv drop. After the confirmation that you want to drop your account all your user account information will be deleted immediately.

We hope you enjoy your staying at our network.

Additional hint: If you want to hide your IP-Address we offer a tor-hidden-service.