What does MadIRC cost?

That hardware costs money is a normal thing in this world. And that we need hardware to run our software is something you are aware of, for sure. But what kind of hardware do we need and how much does it cost?

Right now, MadIRC has no own servers. We run on our oper’s servers. They sponsor the needed capacities and keep the network alive.

But this also makes us depending on them. In our history, we already had an oper who decided to no longer participate with us which required us to find a new server location as soon as possible. It went well, but we still depend on people’s good will.

So what would it cost to become completely independent?

We did a quick calculation:

Quantity Name Purpose Price (Digital Ocean) Price (Vultr)
3x Host Host the IRC, Webpage and services $15/month ($5/month per droplet) $15/month ($5/month per node)
3x 10GB Persistent Storage Store configuration and certificates $3/month ($0.10/GB/month) $3/month ($0.10/GB/month)
1x 20GB Persistent Storage Store Services and statistic Database $2/month ($0.10/GB/month) $2/month ($0.10/GB/month)
Sum $20/month $20/month

All in all, we have $20 per month for a completely independent IRC network running on 3 hosts.

It basically means when 20 Members spend $1 per month for MadIRC we can provide even more awesome and high available service!

Let’s see what would be the difference?

Services / Features “Chaotic” ($0/month) Dedicated ($20/month)
HA IRC setup
Tor Access
Bounce Service
IRC Statistics
Mumble host
Mumble web interface
Tor Webchat
Status page
IRC with trusted certificates
HA Webchat
HA Tor Access
Load balanced bouncer service
Security audit for all nodes
Infrastructure documentation
Reproducible infrastructure

It’s up to you to improve MadIRC or not. Since we don’t know what you think about our idea to become more independent, we started a user poll and see what we should focus on in future.

Tell us what you think!