MadIRC is shutting down on 31.01.2024 - As of 11.02.2024 all servers have been shutdown.
So long, and thanks for all the fish.

MadIRC badges

Many free or open source projects need a place to communicate with their users to build a community.

While there are many solutions like Gitter, Slack or Mattermost, they are all restricted to users, that need to register.

It’s actually a barrier for some people who don’t want to maintain more and more accounts.

At MadIRC we provide a free IRC for multiple small communities, including anonymous access via tor as well as a modern WebIRC client for non-tech users.

Tell your audience where they can meet you

Since we are a small network, we are not well-known to the most people.

But easily communicate with your users, using Badges at the head of your projects.

Besides information like the current build state of your master branch, it useful to provide one to redirect your users to the right location.

That’s why we offer the Badge-Generator: