Stay at MadIRC

We are proud to announce our new bouncer service.

Bounce services

For those of you who don’t know what a bouncer is: When you connect to IRC you use a very simply type of connection. When you close the connection your session ends and you will automatically leave all channels and disconnect from the server. This happens when you are on an unstable connection as well, as when you shut down your computer, close your browser or basically do anything that can interrupt the connection.

A bouncer is a server that keeps the connection for you and knows who you are, based on your username and password. With your login it simply keeps all the messages that where send during your disconnect and allows you to read them when you come back.

So when you use the new service won’t miss messages anymore. No privates and no public messages. The webinterface stays the same so you don’t have to change your new habbits.

The best thing: It works perfectly from your mobile phone as well as from your PC or notebook.

Where to get an account

The since you need a login for this new service, you need to get an account somewhere. Right now it’s not connected to our services, so to get an account you need to ask for one. The user to ask is Sheogorath. You’ll get a username and a password. These can be used to login to the platform. Then you should change your password in the settings section.

how to change password

Once you did that, you are ready to stay with us all the time :)

We wait for your requests!

PS: For the more advanced users, it’s currently not possible to connect to this service by a regular client. But maybe we can provide a ZNC user instead.