Connect MadIRC with HexChat

Today we want to look at how you get your local IRC client connected to MadIRC.


First of all you have to install Hexchat.


Go to the download page and install the latest version as usual.


The easiest way to install HexChat on linux is using the package manager of your distribution.


sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install hexchat


sudo dnf install hexchat


sudo yum install hexchat


sudo pacman -S hexchat


Start hexchat. A start like this should come up:

HexChat first Start

Click on the Add button. A editable field will appear and you should now name the connect. For a network named MadIRC MadIRC sounds like a suitable name, right? Good. Now press enter and it should like this:

HexChat MadIRC

Next step is to click on Edit.

A new windows comes up.

HexChat new Connection

Double click the newserver/6667 entry and change it to This way you tell HexChat to connect our Round-Robin address and use TLS by default. Commit this change by pressing enter.

Now check the boxes in front of Accept Invalid SSL Certificate. Currently we don’t provide valid TLS certificates.

And another check box in front of Connect to this network automatically so the HexChat will automatically connect on next start.

You should result in the following settings:

HexChat MadIRC

Click on Close and in the previous window on Connect.

Now you are done!